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“It’s your road – your journey, your story and yours alone.”

If we could all share our stories, we would all be surprised at how much we can inspire each other. From the quietest person in the party to a person who may be called a “bully”, we all have some unique trait in one of us. We can learn something valuable from the CEO of a reputed, large company but we can also learn something equally important from a homeless as well. These lessons can only be heard and understood by a receptive and hospitable mind. Most of us are educated and enculturated to be inspired by the rich and famous. So, we are likely to miss out on the stories of the unsung heroes who are hidden in the womb of the universe. However, if we embrace the decision to have an open, receptive mind and a loving, compassionate heart, we can even become the instrument of the Divine to help and heal others’ pain. Not just that we become the beacon of light and hope to help others in their journey, but we heal ourselves as well. Some individuals may respond to this statement by saying, “But I don’t need any healing – I am perfectly fine and happy.” Would you truly believe that?” The answer to this response/question is an emphatic – No. We all have some degree of physical or mental pain or are emotionally wounded. That’s why we are searching for the perfection in emotion called happiness!

Let us pause and reflect on the origin and meaning of the word “heal”. The Proto-Germanic word “Khailaz” is the root of healing both heal and the closely related word health. Unless one is healthy, one cannot be happy.

Art is the highest manifestation of a state of creative flight of the human mind. It can be an inspirational tool in the expression of our unique lives and stories. Each person who views any form of art reflects upon it, and interprets it in his/her own way – and each one’s perspective is unique. Thankfully, there is no correct or incorrect answer (for a change in this rather judgemental world).

Each soul is traveling in this world towards its own mission – in partnership with the Divine. Souls that are living with more awareness are more enlightened about their mission, others may be floundering in the endless ocean of this world. Yet, thanks to the kind, benevolent and Compassionate Divine, we are all destined to reach the same goal of Ultimate Bliss. No one could have said this better than the perhaps most loved poet and mystic. Rumi

“ It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” It’s your road.

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