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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

I am a bird in a cage…

All by myself, all alone

I cannot share my pain…

Or my joy…

No one to call my own. 

I want to complain… 

But no one listens… 

If I want to cry… 

No one cares. 

I look at the sky… 

It appears cloudy and full of gloom… 

I look at a flower and try to smile

but it does not want to bloom. 

I give up, I give up… 

Now my tears also dry 

But then, I look outside my window… 

And see another bird in a cage 

It’s dancing in the cage

And seems so full of joy… 

“How are you birdy?” It asks me… 

I am sad and lonely and how come… 

You’re so full of joy and glee? 

Like me, you’re also also a prisoner

And cannot fly in the sky… 

The bird flutters its wings and

Sings … but I am full of joy!

What a wondrous world we live in… 

What beauty and love, 

I hear the children play and babies cry…

The grass is green the sky so blue

All is well, all is lovely, 

Full of hope, cheer and love

So many colors, what a hue? 

I have a wonderful companion in

the Divine Master who is eternal… 

He checks on us every day

And gives what we need… 

He loves us all- big and small 

“Enjoy your brief journey”, it is ephemeral. 

What more can we ask, O’ Dear birdie

But say Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks! 



Saroj Bahl 

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