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Take The Journey Within - A Poem

Thought for the week… A Poem
“Take the journey within…”
Since when did you think…
That you can imprison me
In your self-made temples,
churches, mosque, and synagogues…
Now that you cannot go there,
Where are you looking for me?
Take the Journey within!
Take the Journey within!
Your outer world changeth its hue…
was never real, but you thought it was.
You kept looking for joy,
You are still chasing love and peace…
You kept searching for meaning,
In this Kaleidoscope of illusion,
Take the Journey within!
Take the Journey within!
You thought you could build a palace…
With very high ceilings…
Yet, you could not touch my sky!
You can create instrumental sounds…
Yes, I know you can sing a beautiful hymn…
But, have you ever heard my nightingale sing-in
Take the Journey within…
Take the Journey within…
You think you can paint a sunrise, a sunset…
Can you change your colors as fast…
As my finger moves and creates a new hue?
Can you dance like my peacock…
Run as fast as my dear…
Be majestic like my penguin…
Take the Journey within…
Take the Journey within!
I gave you the ephemerous custody…
Of my beautiful wondrous world…
Yet are you taking care of it?
Treating it with love, respect, and dignity?
“Loving your neighbor as thyself”?
My dear children, now time to listen…
Take the Journey within…
Take the Journey within…!

Poem by Saroj M. Bahl
Inspired by Covid 19 – Pandemic!

It is often said that adversity brings out the best in people. We are really unaware of our own courage and mettle unless we are tested or challenged uncommonly difficult or tough times. A wise person once said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” However, each one of us has a different approach to how we face a situation that is unique to us. A few of us may choose to engage in more creative actions at this time. A few of these are music or drawing/painting. Creativity takes the mind to almost a semiconscious level – a different zone and energizes the creator and those who read, listen to or view these artful creations.

Reminiscing my own childhood, when I was 12 years old, I had to be home bound for several months due to a temporary illness. My parents and extended family tried to keep me entertained in all possible ways. However, that’s when the creative sparks in me were set ablaze. I started to write little poems and also tried to illustrate them, in my own somewhat “childish” form of art. I thought of publishing it in the form of a children’s book. Even they gave it a little “Merry world”! Of course, a few years later, I myself tore it all up as it appeared “too childish”!. But looking back now, during the time I engaged in all these creative works (attempt), it was a greatly needed diversion. I needed to escape from my temporary world of pain to smiles, joy and a land of dreams.

Fast forward more than sixty years, I find myself doing the same-writing, including poetry and painting. It appears that covid-19 pandemic, which has affected almost the entire globe, has possibly inspired many others to do the same. This time, I am willing to share these thoughts with others.

“Take the Journey Within” is a poem that resonates well with the present time. Fortunately, with the availability of internet and other technical resources, it is easy for all of us to share our work with others in the hope that we can also inspire others as well or simply express our feelings. This website is a vehicle for us to do that. So get ready to travel within no reservations, tickets needed!

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